CatBeach Music

Gyasi Ross Inks Publishing Deal with CatBeach Music

Gyasi Ross recently signed a publishing deal with indie boutique publisher and record label CatBeach Music. 

Behind the music-making biz, are husband and wife team Bobby and Jen Hartry. Emmy-winning songwriter, guitar player and producer Bobby is the creative force behind CatBeach-- writing, producing and blending his unique production aesthetic with each artists’ personality and song-styling at his own CatBeach Studio. Jen oversees licensing, royalty administration, marketing and project management for the company's roster of artists. 

"Gyasi has a unique sound that blends elements of hip-hop, acoustic singer-songwriter and jazz into something that truly is his own expression," says Jen Hartry. "He has an ease and a warmth about his performance that is a reflection of his personality, which make him a welcome addition to the CatBeach Music roster."

To license Gyasi's single "All In Your Head" or any additional songs from his upcoming album If You Really Knew Me contact For more info on CatBeach Music, visit