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Trained Jazz Musician Leverages Classical Techniques to Pioneer ‘Acoustic Hip-Hop’ Genre

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Los Angeles, Calif. – Acoustic Hip-Hop artist Gyasi Ross released If You Really Knew Me,  a collection of songs that represent his ongoing growth as an artist, over the past seven years, through his travels, experiences, trials and relationships. The seven-song album, produced by Jonathan Ahrens (Jewel, Kate Voegele), is available now on iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play, Spotify and other digital music platforms. 

Funded by the generosity of Kickstarter supporters who rallied around the talented emerging artist, the independent album features an eclectic yet cohesive selection of breakout tracks, such as KCRW Tiny Desk Contest finalist “All In Your Head”, soulful harp-driven ballad “She” and motivational hip-hop track “We Could Do Better” ft. Shark Sinatra.  

Ross, who holds a B.A. in Jazz Performance from San Francisco State University, was in high school when he first picked up an instrument and began forging the path that, along with his background, led to the unique sound and vision for If You Really Knew Me.

“I grew up hearing the legendary soul artists my parents listened to, like Otis Redding and Ella Fitzgerald,” said Ross. “At the same time, I was fully immersed in hip-hop culture, listening to trail-blazing groups like The Roots and bearing witness to my older brother and his friends’ cypher and battle in the school yard. Then, in high school, I was tricked into joining the marching band by a friend who asked, ‘hey can you come up to school and hold some instruments?’ The rest, as they say, was history.”

Ross went on to study Jazz Trumpet under former Marvin Gaye Musical Director Nolan Shaeed, before discovering his love of guitar, under the guidance of veteran Tonight Show guitarist Gary Bell. Also a skilled songwriter, Ross inked a deal with Emmy-winning songwriter Bob Hartry’s CatBeach Music Publishing last year.

“Gyasi has a unique sound that blends elements of hip-hop, acoustic singer-songwriter and jazz into something that truly is his own expression,” says Jen Hartry, Co-Founder of CatBeach Music. “He has an ease and warmth about his performance that’s a reflection of his personality, which makes him a welcome addition to the CatBeach Music roster.”

If You Really Knew Me is available to stream now on SpotifySoundCloud and Apple Music and to purchase on iTunesAmazon MusicGoogle Play and more. For more information, visit: gyasiross.com.

New Single "She" Available Now - Pre Order If You Really Knew Me Today

Gyasi Ross released the new track "She" today, the second single from his upcoming album If You Really Knew Me, due out Nov. 6. In the soulful ballad, Ross reflects on how the lingering scars of a past lover can continue to shape your life long after they're gone.  

Fans can purchase "She", pre-order If You Really Knew Me to instantly download the single, and sample additional songs from the album beginning today on iTunes, Google Play, Amazon Music and other digital music retailers. 

Gyasi Ross - If You Really Knew Me - 11.6.15

Hey everyone!

Exciting news-- I'm officially releasing my new album, If You Really Knew Me, on Nov. 6! Here's a first look at the album cover. It's been an incredible journey and I can't wait to share the music with you. Please Like / Share / Comment to let me know what you think.

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"All In Your Head" Gets Rave Reviews

Gyasi Ross' new single "All In Your Head" received rave reviews from popular music and entertainment sites, including Hip Hop First Class, EUR Web, Hip Hop Enquirer and more following it's 7/13 release.

Hip Hop First Class calls the single a "smooth track" and compliments Gyasi's "raw and emotion filled" sound, while Hip Hop Enquirer describes Gyasi as "a very special, gifted and unique individual with a sound of his own." 

Click the links to read more of the buzz surrounding Gyasi and "All In Your Head."  

New Gyasi ross Single "All In Your Head" available now

Today, Gyasi Ross released "All In Your Head" -- the first single from his upcoming album If You Really Knew Me. 

The song, which was written by Ross and co-written and produced by Jonathan Ahrens (Jewel, Kate Voegele), takes listeners on a journey through the singer's thoughts as he navigates the pressures and challenges of a career in music. The track showcases Ross' signature Acoustic Hip-Hop style and was a finalist in the KCRW Tiny Desk Concert Contest earlier this year. 

"All In Your Head" is available now on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and other major music platforms. 

Gyasi Ross Inks Publishing Deal with CatBeach Music

Gyasi Ross recently signed a publishing deal with indie boutique publisher and record label CatBeach Music. 

Behind the music-making biz, are husband and wife team Bobby and Jen Hartry. Emmy-winning songwriter, guitar player and producer Bobby is the creative force behind CatBeach-- writing, producing and blending his unique production aesthetic with each artists’ personality and song-styling at his own CatBeach Studio. Jen oversees licensing, royalty administration, marketing and project management for the company's roster of artists. 

"Gyasi has a unique sound that blends elements of hip-hop, acoustic singer-songwriter and jazz into something that truly is his own expression," says Jen Hartry. "He has an ease and a warmth about his performance that is a reflection of his personality, which make him a welcome addition to the CatBeach Music roster."

To license Gyasi's single "All In Your Head" or any additional songs from his upcoming album If You Really Knew Me contact jen@catbeachmusic.com. For more info on CatBeach Music, visit www.catbeachmusic.com